Redesigning video-sharing platform

UX Design, Product Design, User Research

My role: My primary focus was on research and designing the marketplace but I was involved in all stages of the project.
The work you will see below is all mine except for the visual design.

Team: Aygyun Gyul, Audrey Cabatan, Max Kalicka
Timeframe: 3 weeks, completed in August 2016
Tools: Xtensio, Sketch, Axure, Invision


TerraFlix (http://www.terraflix.com) is a platform that allows users to share videos that include geolocation, motion and orientation data.  Videos are recorded with mobile app, GPS-enabled action or dashboard cameras, or drones.  We were hired to redesign the landing page, as well as design the onboarding process and the marketplace that will offer the maps, map layers, dashboards and data applications created by both TerraFlix and third party developers.


Helping people who film GPS-enabled videos to connect and network with like-minded individuals.  At the same time, creating an opportunity for all others to immerse into an alternative world of travel and adventure.


Understanding business goals: We facilitated two product owners meetings, asked questions and discussed initial research findings to make sure we fully understood business needs and objectives.

Usability testing of existing site: My colleagues conducted guerrilla testing of the existing site.  Feedback we received let us determine what areas needed more attention in the redesigning process.

Market analysis: To assess user segmentation and product viability in the market, I performed extensive online research on video-sharing trends and uses of GPS-enabled videos.  I also researched the main principles of e-commerce UX.

Competitive analysis: To understand where the product stands in reference to its competition I performed analysis of major video-sharing platforms, including live-streaming sites, conventional sites like Youtube and more specialized sites similar to Terraflix that offer GPS-enabled videos.  I also researched ratings and reviews of those platforms, exploring their strengths and weaknesses. 

User Research: To gather data about potential users I researched demographics of people who share videos online, their motivations and the psychology behind sharing.  This data, synthesized with my previous research on uses of GPS-enabled videos, allowed us to form three major user groups and to create three personas, each with a different user scenario.


Solution: After processing all the discovery findings we did multiple brainstorming sessions to determine the set of features that would enhance the TerraFlix platform and create a positive experience for its users:

  • Giving users opportunity to connect with similar people by introducing micro communities within the site
  • Enhancing social aspect by offering conversational flow for the commenting function
  • Offering easy access to site's content, with signup prompted only on upload action

Information architecture: User scenarios enabled us to create user flows. Next, we started envisioning the site structure and the user paths, which translated into the sitemap.


Wireframes: As always, we started off with sketching and then transitioned into low-fidelity wireframes we created in Sketch. We did about 3-4 iterations of each page, based on the findings from user testing and ongoing research. 

Testing: We performed two rounds of guerrilla testing with campus visitors, students, friends and family members (none UX-affiliated).  This helped tremendously, as we could compile the feedback and figure out areas needing further iterations.


Future possibilities: This is something I conceptualized after being inspired by Etsy and thinking of people who may not be able to travel for some reasonWhat if we offered users the possibility of ordering custom-made videos?  For example, they could get a drone aerial shoot for their family's special event, or inspect their house's roof.  They could also explore a location in another city before a move, or see their old neighborhood again without leaving their current home.  This feature did not make it to our final prototype, but the concept tested well and this may be something Terraflix will introduce in the future.


You can see the Terraflix prototype here: https://invis.io/8R7V7PCG3


This was my first client project in the UX field.  It was great working with a real product and helping enhance it.  I also enjoyed working with a great team, where everyone was passionate about the design process.  It was an exhilarating experience and I am looking forward to seeing elements of our design displayed across the TerraFlix platform later in the year.


Questions or comments? I would love to hear from you!